Spread the News!

Greetings Brothers and Sisters and ex-fourth cousins, twice-removed (by force),

It is an incredible feeling for us at the Church of Dim to be able to commune with our followers and build our faith, truly from the ground up.  Or the heavens down.  We look forward to an exciting first year of our religion, and the amazing events it might hold (perhaps even an IRS audit!).

Do not mistake, however, the uncertainty of our beliefs, our direction, and even our deity, as evidence of our incredibility.  T’would be blasphemous. Verily. In fact, we are a patient faith, and wait for visions of enlightenment as to our next steps and the building of blocks, individually, to form our religion.  But we need YOU.

You, as the members of the Church of Dim, will also help guide, decide, and visualize specific elements of our growing faith.  So commune with us and transmit your thoughts to us, project your visions, and certainly your love, to us.  And each other.

You are on the ground floor of the world’s newest, bestest, and one true faith.

You are a proud member of the church of dim

                       -spread the news-

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