“The 4th Horseshittists’ Manifesto” by Mr. Smog Monster et al.


We the undersigned do hereby disband the W!Z!B! art collective and reestablish the one truly modern art movement, which from this point forward shall be known as The Horseshittists International (H.S.I.)! Though we admit that many of the “works” perpetrated by the W!Z!B! were worthwhile, particularly the hunting down and destruction of the murderous android blight that had befallen our community, it is the unanimous belief of The H.S.I. that the overtly commercial side of the W!Z!B! was at odds with the truest expression of art and idea, regardless of the chosen medium in which that art was created or performed. The Horseshittists International is, therefore, dedicating itself and the actions of its members to radical art and radical gestures, which most purely express our understanding of the fundamental nature of our world.


Many of the beliefs collectively held by the H.S.I. stem from the close association of some members of this group with the anti-humanist religious group, The New Church of Dim, and the philosophies established and espoused by that group. Amongst the most important of these guiding principles are the following:


*The human race is no better than any other species on this planet (and in most cases is actually much, much worse.)


*The human race takes itself far too seriously, especially for a species that is finite and ultimately doomed.


*The systems (religious, governmental, bureaucratic, educational, etc…) which currently guide the social and cultural lives of humans are flawed and failing.


*That art can be used as a weapon to help combat the injustices, intolerance, and lack of intelligence and critical thought that are epidemic in the world as we know it.


However, neither The H.S.I. nor The Primitive Entertainment Workshop fully endorse The New C.o.D., primarily because of their personal hygiene and wardrobe choices, but we do attempt to abide by The C.o.D.’s official holiday schedule, which ain’t easy! They have a lot of them!


The following H.S.I. members, by a majority vote, are officially recognized as Officers of The Horseshittists International:


President – Charlie Centipede
Vice-President – Mr. Smog Monster
Secretary of Religion – Richard O’Brien
Secretary of War – Monster Duck
Secretary of Cartooning (with Skulking Permit) – Richard F. Yates
Treasurer – Poetrybot 070 (Licensed to Confound)


These humans, monsters, and robots swear to fulfill their duties to The H.S.I., without exception, until such time as they are no longer able, at which time a new officer shall be elected to take their place.


Potential H.S.I. initiates are encouraged to review the works presented on The Primitive Entertainment Workshop blog, to read “Manifestos are Horseshit” and “The Horseshittists’ Ten Commandments,” and to study the P.E.W. submission guidelines (the latter of which, aside from being a scary and legally binding contract, is also a treasure trove of IDEAS that new initiates can borrow from to help them conceive and produce their own original works.)


Once a potential initiate feels they have produced work that fits the theme and mood of The H.S.I. and The P.E.W., they may submit that work to the Primitive Entertainment Workshop, following the steps outlined in the submission guidelines. If the work is in the spirit of The H.S.I., the initiate will automatically be granted membership in The Horseshittists International.


We the undersigned agree to the above terms and conditions, and we officially reignited the creative flames of The Horseshittists movement. Let it burn!


Charlie Centipede
Mr. Smog Monster
Glowing Bull
Mimi Highstreet
Richard O’Brien
Poetrybot 070 (Licensed to Confound)
Richard F. Yates
One Eyed Frog
Brother Amoeba
Johnny P. Head
Monster Duck
Blah-Blah Billingsworth
Quadrangle Smith




via “The 4th Horseshittists’ Manifesto” by Mr. Smog Monster et al..