“Unfortunate Cancellation” by Brother O’Brien

Important Notice for Dimmers,

Dear Church of DIM followers, it troubles me to inform you that our ‘Million-Dimmer March’ on June 1st has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. As it happens, our rally was in Raleigh, and as a consequence for the passage of North Carolina’s anti-LGBT
bill, the Church of DIM refuses to contribute one dime to their state’s economy. We will try and move our traditional rally celebrations, such as the “Rubber Pants Party,” “Mini Golf Murder,” and event favorites such as “Who’s Got the Antidote?!” to an alternate venue.

A possible location for rescheduling is Mexico City, where we encourage all Dimmers, “DO drink the water!” to get closer to Mother Amoeba! (Date TBD)

—Brother O’Brien


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