“This thing is outta control! We’ve gone international!”

BBC News (17 May 2016): “U.S. Church Gaining New Followers One Cell at a Time”

The United States is known for nothing if not its embracing of religion, but one new faith that praises single-celled organisms has taken the country by storm: The Church of DIM. This new religion insists that humans have had their turn running the world and now favour the de-evolution of humanity, celebrating idiocy and endorsing Donald Trump in order to see the human race regress and eventually give control over to “ambitious squirrels and sentient mildew,” according to the church’s co-founder, ‘Brother O’Brien’. If this sounds like a joke, don’t tell the hundreds of new followers who contend that the logic is sound. One new ‘Dimmer’ stated, “Think about it – seriously, really think about it for a second: humans have only brought the destruction of land and the environment, the
eradication of animals and other forms of life. We are on the brink of destruction by global climate change brought about by our own arrogance. So, yeah, hell yes I am a member of The Church of DIM. Why aren’t you?” Disclaimer: the reporter on this story does not deny his subsequent allegiance to The Church of DIM, but remains in the employment of the BBC. Future stories regarding this religion shall be assigned to impartial reporters.
(BBC News, 2016).


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