“A Prophet Shall Arise” by Richard F. Yates

My lunch had given me what I’m considering a direct order. (Anybody know if Kool-Aid is on sale anywhere??)

The Primitive Entertainment Workshop

My lunch had given me what I’m considering a direct order. (Anybody know if Kool-Aid is on sale anywhere??)
a prophet shall arise
—Richard F. Yates

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“Grow a Sense of Humor” Playlist by Brother Yates

“Grow a Sense of Humor” Playlist (10 Sept. 2015)
Approx. 41 minutes

People take it all too seriously. I don’t. However, if you don’t think these songs are funny, then there is clearly something wrong with you and you will need to spend some time in one of our Church of Dim “Appreciation Camps.” You are being monitored, and a few—helpers—will be by to collect you, if you should decide to push the “skip” button… (Fair warning!)

—Brother Yates

Weird Al Yankovic – “I Love Rocky Road”
The Dead Milkmen – “Don’t Deny Your Inner Child”
mc chris – “Let Me In”
Frank Zappa feat. Moon Unit Zappa – “Valley Girl”
Tim Wilson – “First Baptist Bar & Grill”
The Vandals – “Clowns are Experts”
Denis Leary – “Traditional Irish Folk Song”
The Moog Cookbook – “Hotel California”
Tiny Tim – “Ever Since You Told Me You Loved Me (I’m a Nut)”
They Might Be Giants – “She’s an Angel”
Bad Brains – “Just Another Damn Song (Black Dots Vers.)”
Wild Man Fischer with Mark Mothersbaugh – “The Way We Were”
ShiSho – “Rocks N Penalties”
Supreme Bunny Warlord with MC Spoiler – “Walkin’ Down the Street”

“September is False Rumor Month!” by Richard O’Brien, Richard F. Yates, & Angelica Deyott (and Mark Counts)

All this month, start and spread as many false rumors as you can. Make them as stupid and ridiculous as possible, partially so that you will frequently get caught lying. The purpose of this month-long holiday is to infect the populace with fear and confusion, thereby making the world a better place.

True rumors are frowned upon, as telling the truth is never a good idea.

October 1st will, of course, be “Apologize for All the Bad Shit That Happened Because of the False Rumors” Day, which is of course, of course, a holy day and should be requested off from work.

—O’Brien, Yates, & Deyott

[No, it isn’t….and you didn’t hear it from me….. —Mark Counts]

[And a special thank you to Richard Yates, still keeping a stiff upper lip while undergoing a DEA investigation into the baseless accusations that he is trading black market Viagra for backstage passes to Miley Cyrus concerts. Stay strong, brother! —Richard O’Brien]