“Stanist Propaganda” by Brother Yates

Don’t be sucked in by inferior false faiths! (Our false faith is the one, true false religion!)

The Primitive Entertainment Workshop

Upon arriving at work today, I discovered this filth, this—Stanist Propaganda!
stanist propaganda
For those of you who are unware of Stanism, it is a wicked new “faith” based on a typo, which has taken hold of a particularly gullible group of intellectuals and academics, and is threatening to spread to several, perhaps even DOZENS, of people. As an apostle of the ONE TRUE FAKE RELIGION, The New Church of Dim, I find this type of confusing and icon heavy work very disturbing, partially because it nearly matches my own confusing and icon heavy work with which I promote my own theology!

Here, for example, is a typical piece of C.o.D. art, the graven image of Mother Protozoa!
As you can clearly see, OUR image is far superior, not only because it has more color, but also because it doesn’t directly BITE any other faith’s symbology. We have a finely crafted, REAL…

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