“Need a Toe?” by Brother Amoeba

Need a toe? We can get you one by 3 o’clock, with nail polish!


Hopefully you took the day off of work (this is a religious holiday, after all) so you can chuck your dirty undies out of a car window and drink copious amounts of alcohol! Today we celebrate our Vietnam buddies and the sacrifices they made, and we’ll need to go roll a few games of bowling! It’s a wonderful holiday that reminds us that life has gutters and spares, that everything does have something to do with Vietnam, and that dirty undies are just as fun to throw out of car windows as anything else can be, even if they are just the ringer!

Praise be to Mother Protozoan for allowing the Cohen Brothers to create our favorite saint!

—Brother Amoeba


One thought on ““Need a Toe?” by Brother Amoeba

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