Happy St. Sobchak’s Eve!

Greetings Dimminicans! I hope everyone is enjoying your St. Sobchak’s Eve. Remember that tonight we must all “give a shit about the rules” and scream, “Over the line!” at everyone who needs to hear it. Who has been over the line in your life today?

And, hopefully, you’ve been saving up your dirty undies, particularly the whites, for tomorrow’s St. Sobchak’s Day celebration! We’ll be flinging our laundry out of moving vehicles and drinking beer until we see our Vietnam buddies “face down in the muck!” Feel free to invite all your heathen friends to join in the celebrations, as well. We’re not an exclusionary religion. We feel we can party with just about anyone!

Praise the Mother Protozoan! And happy St. Sobchak’s, everyone!

—Richard Y.


One thought on “Happy St. Sobchak’s Eve!

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