“Welcome (perhaps BACK) to the Church of Dim!” by Richard Y.

“By reading this introduction, you now belong to the Church of Dim. Your soul belongeth to us,” says Richard O., Commander and Sheep of the Dim Armies.

We at the Church of Dim have started this new religion for you, yes, you, specifically. All of us, as a species, are in the midst of a Neon Apocalypse, and our Church works to glorify the stupidity of humanity and promote the slow decline of society. This world is a god damned silly place, and we want to make it sillier, more enjoyable, and more profitable for everyone (especially YOU, so that you can give us a share.) Unlike the other more mainstream religions, the Church of Dim understands that times are tough, and so we’ve decided on a very reasonable, 8% tithe (which is a FULL 2% less than those other, more selfish, and in our opinions, far less entertaining religions.)

For our returning customers, yes indeed, this incarnation of the Faith is a continuation of the previous Church of Dimensional Images, which can be explored here:

http://churchofdim.wordpress.com/ and here:


Welcome to your new Church! Take that seat belt off, chuck the helmet out the window, and get ready for a fun, fucking ride!

—Richard Y.


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