“St. Sobchak” by Richard Y.

We at the Church of Dim are proud (and relieved) to declare, publicly, our first official saint: St. Walter Sobchak! (Hearty applause, please.) We believe that the forcefulness of his voice, his innate calmness, and his ability to find a unifying element in all aspects of life makes him a perfect candidate for sainthood, and we are pleased to announce that he was unanimously agreed upon as the Church of Dim’s first saint.

Yes, it is true that St. Sobchak is a fictional character (made famous as portrayed by John Goodman in the film, The Big Lebowski,) but hey! Why should our deities be any different from the characters in other religions? Am I right?

So, let’s all welcome St. Sobchak to the pantheon of the Church of Dimensional Images!

—Richard Y.


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